Are we allowed to use the NACHI Consumer articles?

I’ve searched on the nachi site and through the forums and can’t find info on using the Nachi consumer articles.
Can I use them on my website if I cite it and provide a backlink?

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Hi Michelle,

Yes you can use the articles.


ONLY as long as you are a Member in good standing, and then you must scrub all Internachi materials from everywhere you have posted them!


Thanks Mr. Forrest.

True you must be a member but "The articles may be used by any InterNACHI® member, real estate agent, and member of the media."

Well, if you’re gonna ‘correct’ me, I will reciprocate!!

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to correct you.
That’s why I posted the link in my original response as it contains all the information in regards to the use of the articles.

You can. But they provide very little SEO help to Your website.
They help InterNACHI’s SEO the most.
You would provide better results writing your own. You could always use info in some of Nachi’s articles, to help you.

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