Are You a Certified Asshole?

Take the test and find out.

Only a borderline a$$hole but I could turn any second now.

So is everyone gonna post their scores? :wink:

Show me yours first…

I thought I already…

Oh thaaaaaat!!! :smiley:

I was actually a fifteen. Borderline. As in everything. :wink:


Awwwww…I knew we had soooo much in common! :wink:



I looooove those! :wink:

Night fellow *ssholes…:wink:

Just Barely Borderline Certified A__hole. I got a six. I used to be an olympic world class ahole but Hell, now Im sweet…

Apparently I have mellowed some.
Could only manage a 4.

I need some help I scored a 10, I thought a 10 was a perfect score but obviously that was not the case, I guess that makes me what, a semi-hole?

Do we have to be certified in this now, too? What’s the cost?

No cost…but membership will be capped !!! :mrgreen:

My God !!! A seven !!! Where did I go wrong ??? :roll:

Personaly I used to be an asshole, but now I am just sphincterly challenged



I’m sure that for folks like “yours truly”, there could be certain arrangements for grandfathering…

I took the test for someone else

And yes they are an AH