Are you a full time home inspector if....

so in my case, my year end total of gross income of hi only is greater than 80% inachi would say your a full time home insp then? if its less than 80 your not a full time insp then?:roll:

Give you that one.
Best argument either way so far.

Jim, I hope you don’t mind but I borrowed some of your wording above. I promise to return it when I’m done with it. :wink:

O’Handjob limits his “argument” strictly to newbies, as if issue deals with or is somehow limited to new inspectors. As usual, he misses the mark by a mile…but then, he is used to his blog where participation is so poor that he has 90 days between posts to formulate responses.

My marketing objective has nothing to do with newbies. It is clearly stated here.

I do not think the post was about the badge issue being argued here.
I think it was more in line with how do you separate or divide your income for the tax man.
Is it lumped into one as (HI services )or separately calculated and shown as divided income and then totaled.
I think it was asked that way.:wink:

What happens if you additional services you offer like those above total over 25% of your gross income?
Sorry for the edit ,but WOW lets get off that topic.
To me its DEAD.
Nick will not pit members agenist each other.
Leave sleeping dogs lye.

Mr. O’Handly
If you did not read, your point was made days ago.
I see you here just to anger others that you have a bone to pick.
I do not have one with you, and nor do 99 percent of the OTHER members here.
Time to pay to play or MOVE ON MATE.

I am a FULL time Inspector whether conducting HI, Commercial,
Mold, Radon or Pre-Listings, they all fall under my business name. It is too bad as a FULL time Inspector I am not busy all the time. Maybe I am part time… oh well.

Colorado Springs Home Inspector

IMO these ‘‘other services’’ are just that, other services. Some businesses offer just Mold Testing, Radon Testing, Air Sampling, Energy Audits, Well Testing, Asbestos Testing and on down the line.

What about working for the asset management companies? Doing lock change-outs, trash-outs, winterization, de-winterization, cleaning, small repairs, lawn service?

Would the IRS could care if you lump all these together? I believe they don’t even have an offical ‘‘Home Inspector’’ category. Would the IRS really care if you did home inspections, some radon/mold testing, some energy audits, winterized a few homes, some trash-outs, some verification inspections, a couple of small handyman jobs, cut some lawns? I really do not think they would. There is a lot of ‘‘Gray’’ areas in our profession.

Think we are dealing with different ideals of what a true ‘‘Full Time Home Inspector’’ actually means.

I think the IRS does not care about all the details as long as you are legit in your dealings.

Has ANYONE ever been audited by the IRS that has offered multiple services such as Mold, Radon, Energy Audits, Home/Commercial Inspections under the same business?

I do lump 3 or 4 services but I also have seperate business that I file seperately along with a rental home.


I didn’t come here planning to anger anyone and I didn’t have any bone to pick with anyone. I stop in here every day for a few minutes, read a little bit and move on. Occasionally, a topic will spark my interest and I’ll contribute something to the dialog.

I didn’t start the low brow stuff. I simply made some comments that stem from my point of view and then a couple of folks began insulting me; first turning my name into something obscene and then stating that I was in some realtor’s pocket and write soft reports - essentially calling me a criminal.

I’ve come to expect insults from Burkeson and Bushart because when someone they don’t agree with doesn’t back down and acknowledge their superiority, their tactic is to debase those persons because they don’t know how to make a convincing argument without resorting to low-brow insults.

I guess I was wrong to think that this board was finally beginning to take on some semblance of credibility and respectability. It just continues to be a place dominated by a few thugs and cretins.

It’s too bad that 99% which you refer to can’t grow a backbone.

Mike O’Handley, LHI
Your Inspector LLC.
Wa. Lic. Home Inspector #202
Editor - The Inspector’s Journal

No you do not come here to insult.:twisted:
Mate just go somewhere else.
Ether teach or learn, no room for you here for spineless that hide behind a computer screen.

One thing that I would like to comment on is that, as a Canadian it strikes me as odd that one of the biggest peeves by Mr. Bushart is that the construction industry is so unregulated. It seems like IMO that you are on the Mike Holmes “make it right” theme.
It is all well and good if that is the case and I applaud you for your good will and your best of intentions…but is that just part of your marketing model or are you sincere?

In Canada whether it is a new home or a reno, we (part time contractors) Full time inspectors have to jump through hoops and lick the honey off of the municipal building inspectors a-- because our minimum standards are high. Reality is they need to be even higher.
Code is how you live or die in Canada as a builder/contractor, the relevance being that if you are, or were a contractor…you know about code and minimum requirements so, doesn’t that make you just as in touch (with the whole building envelope) to be a home inspector as one that has been in the biz for years.

I mean, we write the same test requirements for membership to Inachi. So should the word FULL TIME have any bearing at all?

Everyone can do as they wish it is their business, their lively hood, so IMO no one should try to impose their will or thoughts on others. Just because they have been here longer should not give them preferred status with Nick or anyone else.

That is what all this is really about, newbies versus (some) oldbies and the great divide (full time status) that is trying to break them apart!

I is too bad that the U.S. doesn’t impose (in all states, regulated by each state as needs are different) the same type of building restrictions that we have…not that we are without our share of shoddy contractors.

The only reason that I am posting on this is that we (newbies and contractors) have been unfairly categorized by a select few here with facts that don’t apply to us ALL!

Where their is money to be made, there is greed to be found! My intent is not to incite but to inform the uniformed :wink:

To all have a great day!

You make some points and I am lost on others Scot.
There in no,no no, minimum code.
Its code or in-violation and that’s all.
As for all of Canada having the same standards and obligations in building.
Not so.
Code changes by municipality , district, city, and no set structure.
I have worked as a business man with my facade restoration and other restoration campany’s all my life.
2 distinctions in Quebec residential and commercial-industrial.
Some provinces ,you do not need to be unionized to work and that is a good thing.
It breaks monopolies.
As for trades and ones ability to pass its test or be graded its diferent. also across Canada.
So your point in making a set standard for HI is true .
One can not set ,but a minimum standard.
It has already been set.

Construction is another point I would like to give my opinion on.
Some provinces work like the old parity comity’s and judge a persons ability by putting them on a job site and let the foreman or top trades men judge there worth and set there standard as to classification.
You do not need to know to read or write but the ability to perform ones trade to competently.
You will be given a translator or means suitable to judge your true worth and payed + graded accordingly.
As for going to the city to obtain a building permit ,it is depending on the job at hand.
If you are not touching the structures load bearing design you do not need a permite.
There are several times when you do need permits and one should be prudent in understands you municipality’s building standards.

Now for that logo for full timers.
As soon as it passes ,and that is, if it ever does.
I will be handing in my resignation as soon as it exceeds its mandate in my eyes
Call your self a full timer go ahead.
If AND WHEN InterNACHI tells full times to promote themselves ahead of part time HI’s and they are given the ability to advertise to not hire a part time HI.
I am gone. I WILL RESIGN.
I will start shouting from the highest buildings that InterNACHI LOST ITS WAY.

what i am addressing is not Canadians as hi’s but lumping all newbies together! Yes I know that codes vary from Municipality to Municipality.

For instance just to work in Hamilton you have to have a general contractors license for almost anything drywall, taping, changing a light fixture, finish a basement (permit) install a hot tub (permit) remodel a bathroom or kitchen (permit) these all apply where I live because everything must be brought up to todays code when remodelling.

What I was addressing was Mr. Busharts comment (quote)

In my state, it is up to the individual city/county to decide to adopt and/or enforce building codes. In the majority of the counties and cities, there are no codes and contractors are not only unregulated…but there are no inspections done of their work at all.

That’s it there is no reinforcement and that was his point. So coming from a field where code is established and enforced it makes me feel that I am as qualified as an HI inspector who wrote the same exams as I, but has been in the field for 5 yrs and no construction background.
I guess I don’t like to be categorized as all newbies have been lately in these threads …cut throats, part timers when they know nothing about a persons background but draw their opinions merely on speculation or conjecture! Everyone is a newbie at some point!:roll:

I have been at it since the last Century .
I think I am the oldest Canadain NACHI Member .(Aug,2003)
I still am learning and trying to pass on what I can ,It goes both ways I learn constantly and pass on information constantly.

absolutely Roy but you ar one of the good ones that mentors …some think they are beyond that!

Yes I see your point now Scot.