Are you distributing malware?

Google has a new service that will flag your site as possibly being harmful to a computer. Apparently they are using to scan search results for any malware. I do keyword searches for my site sometimes to help identify good keywords. My site and all other home inspector sites came up with a warning that says “the site may be harmful to your computer”. If you click on the site you are directed to a warning page.

You have to go through Google webmaster tools and ask for a review. I do not know why my site was flagged. In the webmaster tools there is a link with the diagnostics on why it was flagged, but mine says no malware detected. I asked for the review.

Is anyone else having this issue?

I’ve seen it, but never for my site, nor any other HI site. What keywords did you see this for?

I used “home inspector, Oak Forest Home inspector, Chicago home inspector and variations”. It seems that it does not come up all the time, I did a search for Bruce Springsteen and every site on the first page of results including Wikipedia was labeled as harmful. I do not understand the technical aspects, but it seems you could lose some business if your site is flagged. Here are two links with info.


I just ran Oak Forest HI - your AR profile is #2 - nice!

I din’t see any of the flags, though. Wonder if it’s something on your machine? Do you see it from other computers?

Recommend full system scan for malware and viruses, Mike. :wink:

Anyone else seeing this?

I experienced the same problem several months ago. All I did was send an email into the Google support staff and request that they review the site. It took less than a day for them to respond and my site was not flagged anymore.

No, it is not just my machine, check the links I provided Rich. I do not think it happens every time . Thanks on the AR.

I have been reading about this all morning, Apparently it was a GOOGLE problem with all sites. From what I have learned it has been coorected. Try now Michael. Shouldbe good to go.

I just checked and it appears to be resolved.

Ths glitch waas comical. I googled ‘google’ at google. It pulled up and said it had malware and wouldn’t let me access G from it’s own search.:roll::mrgreen:

Yup, it was all screwed up this morning for about an hour or so.