Are you familiar with this type of foundation?

Any experience with these systems or input would be appreciated.

The majority of the soils within a 50-100 mile radius from me is expansive clay with some of the most expansive in the state.

I’m starting to think I’m from Missouri, “Show me”.

Didn’t look like there was a moisture barrier installed in the photo right before the pour.

BTW NTAREI will be having a presentation at our next meeting.

“The Next Generation of Foundation Design”
A unique process eliminates the future liability of foundation movement
******Joey Childress, SlabTek (Structurally Suspended Slabs)

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Do you mean that it’s a post tensioned slab?

“I’m starting to think I’m from Missouri, “Show me”.”

You wish.

A family or two of critters will soon turn a tradional slab into an effectively raised slab :slight_smile:


No, I don’t, I’ve been there and done that :wink:

next stop Belize


Did you mean
raze? If so I get your point.

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