Are you looking to registrar a new Domain?

I wanted to registrar some new domains and after researching a lot of the more popular companies I found out that Google now has Domain Registrar – read on… If you notice they offer private registrations at no additional cost along with email aliases at no additional cost. Others I researched charged additional for those services.

I registrar 2 domain names this evening, very easy and fast !! Was able to setup the forward to my primary web site in seconds…

There are tons of places where you can register a domain name, but now Google’s getting into the game. As you might expect, Google’s registrar service is designed for ease of use and comes with a few useful tools. When you buy or transfer a domain name, you’ll get free private registration so your personal information isn’t publicized, email forwarding and up to 100 email aliases, website forwarding, and use of Google’s DNS servers so your domain name will connect quickly to your site. The domain management tools will let you configure the domain’s resource records, add name servers, lock the domain, add up to 100 sub-domains and more.
A separate Features page shows what Google is planning for this service:

  • $12 domain registrations
  • no extra cost for private registrations
  • email aliases
  • customizable sub-domains
  • domain management tools (i.e., CNAME records, etc.)

I use, about the same price, fast support, good system. At one point it’s good to stick to one registrar so you don’t have domains all over the place. When it’s renewal time for domains outside your main registrars, you do a domain transfer to your main registrar. The cost is the same as renewal and will automatically renew the domain for 1 year. Much easier to manage from one location.