Are you Ready for commercial work

Small commercial building 10K 12K up to 20 K to me are basically a one man job but can have a high pucker factor if you have a hard time with dead fronts on residential Panels If you sub out the electrical on these building your profit is down down down. If you bid the job to include a electrican a HVAC dude and a little profit for your self you will be out of the ball park on your bid price

Here is a couple of pics from todays electrical took me 3 hours for 12K sq ft one story building flat roof

You ever have trouble getting some of the big heavy dead fronts back on? Some of those old ones can be unwieldy by yourself, especially with these nasty old fasteners.

Yipper exactly what I had today they are a bugger
I said a few sailor words before I got them back on,had 5 of them:mrgreen:

Charley, do you remove the dead front at a commercial inspection while the business is in operation? I would be afraid I’d accidentally open an important breaker.

So two of the three hours were man handling the dead fronts.

It felt like it before I got them back on;-)

Yes sir I do but very carefully.

I am not afraid of anything including grizzlies. I will take on a buzz saw and give it a 5 round head start:D

Seriously I just use common sense and a lot of practice come October the 21st 2013 I will have been in the trades and or a inspector for 50 years. I know some Chit if I can just remember it:D

Are you suiting up according to the ARC rating?


I follow the standards of infraspection, yesterday I had 40 amp load on the whole building. I do suit up when necessary

so I’ve heard. And you’re not afraid to show a cow how to eat cabbage.:smiley:

I’m afraid of a few things-Osama, Obama, and my momma! :mrgreen:

some of those dead fronts look like a two man job to me. I once was involved in the installation of a 2000 amp 3 phase ATS at a Lowe’s store, but they made us wait till after closing to do it.

I have accidentally opened a breaker at a home before, is why I asked. Luckily, I found out during the inspection, when the microwave and fan lite would not come on.

Opening a breaker at a commercial business could be bad, like if it went to the computer room or something.

I suppose the best thing is be extra extra careful…

Our friend curley stated I was just and old man acting like superman.

He as usual was wrong I am an old man and I did not get to be old by making mistakes with electrical or roofs;-)

BTW I had an easy inspect on that building it was an open warehouse that had preveiouly been a grocery store that was the reason for so many panels most were turned off I just did a visual on them that is why only 3 hours to complete No A/C units all were trashed