Are you the Eric?

I just want to say thanks to the Eric that gave a realtor from the West coast my number for a wind mit in Pembroke Pines, Thanks.:smiley:

I asked for a last name so I could email you a thanks and the guy did not remember it off hand.

Thanks again.

It wasn’t me, unless there’s a “Finders Fee”. Then, it that case, it was me.

It was me.

Thanks Eric V. I asked if it was you but he did not know.

I appreciate it.

They wanted just the wm and I already had two inspections booked for the slot they wanted.

So, if I’m reading this correctly, this is no “Finders Fee” coming?

No fee but a great big warm and fuzzy thanks.

It was a real bi-ch hotter than hell and I could not find a shiner. I walked the whole attic and flirted with heat stroke but could not find one :frowning:

I am always willing to help my fellow inspector!:mrgreen:

Get yourself one of these and fill it with water: Bubba Keg

Luckily I had the cooler in the truck but I do believe the water you suggest would be a lot better for me than the diet lemon lime soda I had in there.

Thanks again

It’s a shame we can can’t paid what these are worth.

Hopefully, with the new form, we will be able to charge more. I only do the wm, 4-points, or roof certs on homes I inspect.

I refer the rest out.

This one in particular, it is 45 minutes there, 45 minutes back and a half an hour at least at the inspection. Then there is compiling the report. This also doesn’t include talking to the client which may add another 1/2 an hour and tolls and fuel for the Durango.If I don’t make $100.00 an hour, I rarely leave the home.

I don’t “need” to do every inspection when someone calls.

Yep times are tough so anyone who can and needs to are doing them.

It is all about price on these things and rarely about service as far as the client is concerned.

4 points are even worse and then you have a pissed client when you do your job and find something.

We really do have to put a stop to the photo requirements because it just is not safe and most of us do it anyhow so our clients do not get screwed. These can be done much safer from within a few feet of the hatch but crawling all over hell for some idiot behind a desk to see a pict is unbelievable.

The photos give everyone a false sense that things are being done correct when in reality photos do not prove squat but they do endanger our lives and the property of the clients trying to obtain them.

The reports should be accepted with our signature and if someone is found to be commiting fraud then there license should be taken.

Cops do not have to have a picture of you doing something wrong to give a ticket they are taken on their word and we should also be taken on our word since we are licensed and trained professionals.

Like one of the guys said it is like the school teachers asking you to show your work :roll:

I say they should just go back to the 2 page form!:mrgreen: