Are You Who Your Client Thinks You Are?

“A jury would need to decide which party was more credible in order to decide the case. However, my client’s credibility was in question regarding something that had nothing to do with his skills or how he performed this inspection. This was a game changer that ultimately resulted in my client having to settle the case rather than fight it, despite having good defenses to the claims regarding the inspection. Why? Because the misrepresentation claims were not covered by insurance…”


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A better question is, “Are my clients who I think they are”?

Good article and a pet peeve of mine when home inspectors misrepresent their credentials. A good example is claiming to be a licensed or certified electrical, plumbing, HVAC inspector rather than a InterNACHI certified inspector. I always carry my contractors license in my wallet or provide a link to the state if a client requests such information. Wording on websites are critical and can boost business or get your butt in court.