Are you willing to help a lady out guys?

I live in south fl. I have citizens ins. They sent an inspector out to see if the credit I got for my roof was warented, a way to raise rates again! Hr came, now they have sent me a letter raising my rate some $1400.00, when we already pay $2270…00 a year we are retired, according to them we have a single wrap on beams in the roof, in them each side has 1 mail, we need 2 nails on one side, one on the other. He took a picture if one wrap with a camera with lens that has brought it up as close as they could, calling citizens the employee could not tell me if there were one or four nails there, could not be seen on the enlarged photo, how could they see it with the naked eye, I called for a re inspection, citizens turned me down, even when no one can really see how many nails are in these wraps. They want to increase home owners ins., so they go about it with this backdoo deal hoping no one can afford to reinspect or it’s hard to prove. How can I deal with this? I can’t afford almost $4000.00 in home owners a year, over 2000.00 was a strain on us, plus flood of almost $500.00. This is crazy what do I do? F lorida has gone crazy!

Please reply at the link.

Hello Bob, welcome to the situation here in florida with the wind mitigations and re-inspections. Best advice is to get a second inspection from a ‘superior’ wind mitigation professional. If you private message me, I will recommend one that knows what they are doing.

Once an accurate assessment of the situation is established by this inspection, we can advise your friend how to proceed. The re inspection may be accurate or not. The new inspection can also be used to dispute the first inspection or to determine how to improve the structure and identify were dollars are best spent.
By the way, 2 nails at the truss is common on many of the older homes. A 3 nail minimuim is required for the higher roof to wall ratings.

Thanks Jay
Could you tell her that as I mentioned that you guys would help her out.

Not one single Florida guy willing to help this old lady?

I posted a reply Bob.

Didn’t Jay get you what you needed?

Bob honestly, I would be glad to help. Just like I helped several today. Helped seven yesterday. Still have 2 to help out this afternoon. This is a serious and common issue in Florida. But this lady is now part of a processes. Crying is not going to help her or change the situation.

My earlier advice is the best help she can get. Send me her address and we will help her locate an inspector. :wink:

Thanks Eric.
I knew somebody would give her advice here.
Feel bad for all on a older persons budget and you at least gave her some calming comments.
Appreciate it buddy.

You are welcome.
It is a shame what some of these insurance companies are doing. Same thing happened to my neighbor. Inspector “couldn’t find any wraps to take a picture of”!
Luckily, I told her to send someone up there to get a picture or eight and also the plans to the home that showed what strap was used.
She got her discounts.

I notice another person went on the same column asking about wett inspections “what ever that is”?
Is that a Florida thing also?

Jay I do not see where you responded to her…the link is in my original post.
Been running that Blog/column for 5 years and people are still asking.
Gives you a good idea of what Bad Inspectors do to people.

I responded here and awaited a PM with her contact info and her location.

Look over the Florida pages, we have been discussing poorly performed re-inspections. It’s a real problem…The first step is an accurate new inspection.

If Eric is involved, she will be in competant hanfds. :slight_smile:

Good enough, however I left the link so you could help her over there.
I only have the info she posted so you would need to respond on my column.


Thanks Jay…but what are “hanfds”? :mrgreen:

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Hire a contractor to remove the soffit and install the required nails. In most cases the ROI is less than 2 yrs. Well worth the effort.

If anyone needs this done in the Tampa Bay area gives us a call for a free estimate.