Are your children home alone? Good article.

Thanks. That’s one of several that I wrote for our iNACHI members. I have it stored over at my wise old grandmother’s iNACHI library so that it is accessible to all iNACHI members. I could write thousands more, but they will have to wait until I’m not so busy or have made arrangements to just sit around all day and write and post articles.

Can’t wait for the new stuff. I was kicking around your wise old grandmothers attic and found it.
Thank you so much for letting us use it.

You didn’t by chance find that old steamer trunk full of cash, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, opals, silver, and gold coins, did you? I’ve been looking for it. There should be a 1933 Double Eagle in it. :margarit:

ER…What trunk…Uh…I mean no?