Arizona Inspectors

As some of you know, I spoke with John McKenna from the InterNACHI message board about what it would take to get his course out to Phoenix. John explained that the course fee was $500.00 but InterNACHI members will be discounted $100.00 on next year’s membership fees if we can get a minimum of 8 to sign up for the course. He also stated that owning a camera was NOT a requirement for attending the course. In fact, he felt the course would help you decide what camera you may or may not want to purchase. If there is enough interest he could come into Phoenix in about 6 weeks.

The second item of discussion was if there was interest in opening a N.W chapter for InterNACHI. I spoke to about a dozen inspectors on the phone and all were interested in putting something like that together. In fact; Matthew Jenks of First Step Home Inspectors said he tried to put it together about 8 months ago but didn’t have time. Tom Buckhardt of B&A Home Inspections will help obtain speakers for chapter meetings. Everyone agrees that the drive to Gilbert to attend a meeting is difficult for those of us on this side of town.

Last January I tried to put together the Commercial course in Phoenix but we couldn’t generate enough interest. I will post this under the misc. discussion section of the message board but please pass this on to other inspectors you know and e-mail me if you are interested in either the course or the N.W chapter.

8 isn’t many but it requires that you get on the telephone and call. Just like phone calls work better for marketing home inspectors than emails do… they also work better for promoting an event.

Just a little correction Gary…

All students that take our IR class get a $100 discount on their InterNACHI membership dues.

If your chapter can get 8 inspectors signed up at one time for our IR class, then they will all receive
an extra $100 off the cost of the course.

That works out to be a $200 benefit total.

Thanks to Nick for his help.

Hope to see everyone in class soon.!