Arizona NACHI Chapter meeting in Phoenix on May 2, 2006.

Jeeeez - I was at least looking forward to a formal pizza dinner . . .
Oh, well . . .

Russell, I will make sure you get the Formal Pizza.

At our last meeting, I had a few requests that the dinner be ‘less formal’! But we had 125 people there and it was a buffet, so I figured the only thing less formal than a buffet would be pizza.

Of course, I was kidding, Cheryl!

Sounds great. 125 attendees - congrats!

Be sure to have an RSVP cutoff date in you reminder announcements. You’ll still get some extras showing up, but at least a cutoff dated will tell you how many to order . . .

Perhaps send out, or ask HQ to send out emails April 10th, & again on the 24th, to everyone within 100 miles with the RSVP date.

Consider email inviting all the rltrs etc you can think of, too - a
“Meet The Inspectors” angle!

I just completed an inspection for a Scottsdale mortgage broker who is buying a 2nd home up here.

His name wasn’t Jim was it Russ?


I’ll pass the meeting info on to him.

Yum Yum Pizza:)