I would like to know who to contact in Arizona (southern) for application for home inspection licensing. I would appreciate a reply as soon as possible.

Thank you very much

Vladimir Primaky
Vlad’s Inspection Services
Las Vegas, NV

I just applied for one in Nevada two weeks ago…:smiley:

All information for Arizona can be found at the following website:

Joe Brown
Corner Point Home Inspections

NACHI E & O available in Arizona. Go to

Any problems, write me at


I went to the site and it says.

Not available in AZ check back in 15-20 day’s :frowning:

Todd -

Look up above your post. See where it says “Any problems, write me at ?”

Send me your contact info and I’ll see that you get a quote. When does your coverage expire?

My coverage expires in 10 months.

My problem is, that I can not access the page.

I’ll notify Chris. Thanks for the heads-up.


Look here for that information

[R4-30-247. Home Inspector Certification](file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Joe%20Tedesco/Desktop/rules.html#_Toc49097088)



Sorry, the insurance offer is not yet available in your state (AZ). Please check back in 15-20 days.