Armored Phone?

My phone is a wreck, held together by glue and prayers. I’ve dropped it so often, that it kinda act weird.

I’ve seen ‘armored’ phone commercials, do they work? Does anyone have one?


I think they are usually the Sprint (aka: Nextel) models. I know they have some that are mil spec as well.

Last week I was running for a door during a downpour and my cute little flip phone went into a puddle. The flash came on and stayed on until the battery fried. I had to go get a new one and asked the fella there if they had something a little more rugged and water resistant. He brought out a Kyocera KX12. It is mostly rubberized around the case, has all the bells I need and has rubber cap covers, buttons and fits my hand better than the old one. So far Ive been pretty impressed. It does not have Bluetooth but I bought an adapter to use with my earphone in the truck. The one thing it has Ive never seen before is it has a built in flashlight. I figure for a HI that had to be an omen. The battery last for days and days without a recharge, gets good reception, haven’t dropped a call yet unlike that other POC I had and cost me about half what the sissy phone cost me. Look it up on Google. It may be what you are looking for. Several of the carriers are using it.

I bought a fancy motorola phone when my last phone broke, it lasted about three months. I now get the cheapest phone offered whithout and other crap on it, just a $19.00 phone please.


You mean when you dropped it in the Pool?..:stuck_out_tongue:

It was in my pocket when I went in, and and after further evaluation was no longer deemed servicable.:wink:
That was after the one my wife DROVE over.:frowning:

She probably found it in the Porsche when she came back from trip and thought it might of been the landscapers…:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Is the car OK? :mrgreen:

Good thing it wasn’t in your pocket.