Armstrong Age

Is this a 2000 model?

SN# 8400C49554


That’s a weird one for Amstrong. Can you double check the number?

It looks like a 1984 unit, but the “00” is puzzling.

This is why I am perplexed. The sellers are telling me it is 3 years old. But the “00” threw me also. Thought it might be LENNOX coding.

Model # PGE12B30D050A-2A
SN# 8400C49554

Well, my first guess was 1984, my second guess was 2000, my third guess was 1949, and my fourth guess was 1954.

However, with the model number, I’m changing my guess to 2000. That model number is a 12 SEER, so I would guess that it was manufactured prior to the new SEER requirements. So 2000 it is!

Thanks, RRay!

I just received verification from Armstrong Air that this unit is a March 2000 model. It is using the Lennox coding.