Armstrong age

I’m a homeowner and when I googled Furnace age your discussions came up. I was hoping Y’all might have some idea to the age of the furnace.

I think it’s original to the house which was built in 1954.

I attached a jpeg of the plate. It’s not a great photo so if you can’t read it it’s 101A-G8-70.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Why would it even matter, if it looks original like the data tag may show, its WAY beyond its expected life, PERIOD.

Try this link

I agree buying a new furnace.
95% +++ and you have a furnace that was about 80% ---- now??? a lot less.
The money you save will soon pay for new furnace

hey Bill
contact the mfr directly they may want to use it in an ad campaign & give you a new unit ;~)