Armstrong Ultra 80 Oil Forced air furnace

I am having a similar problem with a Air Ease Ultra 80 that will fire fine , run one cycle where I either lose the flame or some other reason the unit goes into recycle mode and can not be restarted unless reset button is activated. I have changed the limit switch , relay , control unit , tip to a .50 . Nothing seems to work. It will fire fine after reset so I am baffled .
Thanks for any help

Also check the chimney for draft and blocked draft or backdraft, delayed draft or backdrafting delays ignition, unburnt fuel builds up, until finally BANG! we have ignition:shock:

Did you check air flow ? could be a problem with the blower

The solution is really simple.

#1 --------- You guys with these nasty things are not hvac techs.

#2 -------- Whatever hvac company you’ve had out are apparently inept.

#3 -------- Get on Angies List OR call the distributor / manufacturer, tell them your problem and the numnuts you’ve been using can NOT fix it AND ask who the best they know in your area is … Then call them AND schedule a service call.

Oil furnaces are monsters!

Nobody said anything about the CAD cell yet. That is the flame proofing device which would shut down the burner.

Does your furnace “boom” also?
Delayed ignition.

Oil pump output?

This whole process requires systematic testing, not parts changing.