Army - Navy Game

The college footbal battle between ARMY (Aren’t Real Marines Yet) and Navy has hit new heights, especially will regard to “Spirit Pranks”.

Check this out.

Must be fun to have actual military hardware for your prank stunts :mrgreen:

Ten years ago, I was in Annapolis celebrating my birthday and my wedding anniversary. Coincidentally the USNA class of '68 was having its 30th reunion. More coincidentally, the USNA commander was a member of the class of '68.

After checking into the hotel my wife noticed that the hotel was hosting the class of '68 reunion. At breakfast, she said “That guy looks about your age. I’ll bet he’s here for the reunion.”

So I went up to the guy and asked him if he was a member of the class of '68. He said that he was. I told him that I was also a member of the class of '68. “Not here” I added. “I went to Notre Dame.”

Now, ND and Navy have a relationship that goes back almost a century. We love Navy and Navy loves us.

It was a great weekend. Everywhere we went the Navy guys welcomed us.

So tomorrow, even though I’m an ex-Army officer, I will be rooting for Navy.

I have $50 on them and the Pats for next week!


As an ex-Army (Aren’t Real Marines Yet :mrgreen:) person, I congradulate you for your comming to some sense.

Hope this helps;