arrested for submitting forged wind mitigation forms

By Charles Elmore
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
State officials announced Tuesday the arrest of a Wellington insurance agent for allegedly faking forms that give clients discounts on home insurance.
Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater said Leon Mobley, 45, was arrested for submitting forged wind mitigation verification inspection forms on behalf of clients. He was booked into Palm Beach County jail and if convicted faces up to five years in prison and possible action against his insurance license, Atwater’s office said.
“Floridians place their trust in the hands of insurance agents and a fraudulent policy can devastate not only a consumer’s financial security but also their confidence in the insurance process,” Atwater said in a statement.

Shocking. I have always been told that it was the inspectors that were committing all the fraud. What’s that saying about glass houses?

It isn’t to me. I have had several calls from agents about roof type, changing A3 to A1 and the “client will take care of it”, etc.

I had one Realtor ask me to change the wind mit because the deal wasn’t going to happen because the insurance was too high and messed up the financing.
To be blunt, if the difference of a few bucks a month means you can’t buy the house, maybe you should rethink your decision to buy the house!

My comment of “shocking” was obviously a poor attempt at sarcasm.:slight_smile: The article cited continues to validate and reinforce the need for additional legislation that requires the insurance industry (agents, underwriters, front desk gate keepers, etc…) to have the same wind mitigation training requirements as inspectors conducting wind mitigation inspections. Personally, I take offense to having my work product reviewed and judged by an insurance industry employee who would not know the difference between an 8d ring shank nail and 6d common or staple unless I stuck them in the a s s with it. Even then, it would be questionable if they would know the difference. The insurance industry should be required to have the same wind mitigation training as inspectors.

And the sorry Nachi member piece of s h i t that was putting my signature on his forms nothing happens to. go figure. :frowning:

It has nothing to do with wind mitigation training (although I think they all should have it). It has to do with writing policies. If the agent does not write a policy he does not get paid. Guess he figured he would not get caught. There are scumbags in every business. I just wish they would do more monitoring and catch more of these cheating agents

So they threw just one insurance agent in jail for fraud… Why stop there?

This is just for the Month of September. Looks like they are not stopping at all.