Arrrrggggh!!! Networks!!!

A year ago I tried to set up file sharing between my wireless laptop and desktop…but I didn’t succeed. Read a little more into in and finally decided to try it again…spent all day on it and I’m nowhere…don’t have a clue.
I’m pretty handy with a computer and programs, but when it comes to hardware and configuration, it’s a big mystery to me.

Thought the XP network wizard would be a snap…NOT!!!

Just had to vent!](*,)

got it working finally. had to run some command promts due to glitches in the security system…what a pain. All to mostly just share my printer.:frowning:

I would love to know how to do it

It would have helped if I grew up in an era when this was part of the curriculum. But they’d have to rewire my old schools.

Me then

Me now

Hope it gets easier for all of us.

Sometimes it is easier, and maybe cheaper, to have a specialist come in and do it for you.

haha…I had it working on one side…even printed a page to the shared printer, then by 3:0am I went in reverse and no longer can do anything…ugggghh!!!

The geek squad quoted me $150.00…right now that’s a bit steep for me.

Try Network Magic, you can download it for free trial:

I finally got it so I can access selected folders from my Desktop Computer and printers which is all I really wanted. I just cannot access my laptop from my desktop???
I’m leaving well enough alone.:slight_smile:

Thanks for that…wish I had it a year ago, but a little late now!
I like what they say “no more emailing yourself documents and then printing them out”:mrgreen: That’s what I used to do!!!:smiley:

Make sure all the computers are in the same workgroup. I had the same issue with my laptop. Another option for the printer is a print server. They cost about $60 and plug into the router. All computers on the network can then use the printer even if the other computers are off.

Kevin, make sure you have your laptop mark as Shared. If it is not, then you will not be able to see any files on it. To do this, go to start, my computer, then RIGHT click on your “C” drive and check the sharing properties and make sure the box marked share this computer on the network is blocked.

Hope this helps.

Hey dave…yeah…I had the c drive from my laptop on share…I could actually see the drive on my disktop. However when I clicked on it, it just said "an error has occurred, blah blah…you do no have permission to access this computer.

Same with the actual computer. I can click on my computer>My network connections>my workgroup and see both computers, however when I click on the laptop, it gives me the no permission error…I’m baffled.

However, like I said, I got it working one was at least…I can view my desktop from my laptop and print…so I’m pretty good to go as far as anything else is concerned. If I’m at my desktop…odds are pretty good that my laptop will be shut down anyway.

This fix might help: