Arsenic Confirmed in Plaster

Since there has been past discussions about arsenic being in old plaster walls I grabbed a couple chunks out of older buildings.

One was a old building downtown that I suspected to be turn of last century (1900) and the tesing on the piece came back 0 ppb

The house I sampled was built in around 1930 and the plaster chunk came back at 10 ppb.

SO arsenic does exist in plaster.

I know the limit on drinking water is 10ppb but I don’t know about air quality.

Just figured I would share this info with you guys. A arsenic test cost me very little at the local lab I use, and would add to our list of services.

I can email anyone test results if you want to see. :slight_smile:

How the arsenic usually get into older homes is I believe they used arsenic to remove the hair from leather .
They then took the hair and used it to help hold the plaster together .
I have not seen any reports where this is hazardous … Roy

I believe your right Roy. Did you remember those days??:smiley:

Like I said I don’t know about air quality but with water 10ppb is acceptable. Harmless yes, still in the walls, yes also…:smiley:

The next home may not be so low. I plan on more testing when I have the opportunity.

Sean, you can edit the title if you go to advanced mode.

Thank you Mike…

I do not believe there are any IAQ standards for any stubstance in regards to residential settings (other than the recommended action levels for Radon; per the EPA).

All air quality is based on milligrams instead of ppb… Anyone know hw to convert??

5mg = 0.000050057 ppm I think