artesian wells

Can anyone give me info on where I may find what I’m looking at when it comes to a artesian well. Going to a inspection that has one. I kinda understand the “How it works” but what componets will I be looking at & for? Thanks

I believe from your question you are looking for an “Artiesian Well Inspection Disclaimer”.

Here is a bit more info .
Roy Cooke

All wells are actually Artesian. You may be confusing a well which exists in a confined aquifer. That’s where the positive flow up the pipe comes from.

If you have specific questions, or would like to discuss wells and related components, including things that should be done when a positive flow is tapped, call me at 845-300-3440.

Thanks to all, I did look at the web site before on the internet. My question was not about a diclaimer but about what I’ll come across. Is there a holding tank, is there some type of guage for presure on system, if there is a positive water coming out of the well, is there a discharge pipe allowing water to flow away, or is the ground water pressure strong enough that there is no pump???

Take Joe F. up on his offer and give him a call. He has a wealth of info to share. You will not be disappointed.

will do on monday thanks