Articles on Realtor Recommended Home Inspectors

I plan on compiling an inventory of articles that highlight the potential ramifications of hiring the realtor-recommended home inspector. Articles that interest me the most are on lawsuits involving realtor-recommended home inspectors who are being sued for blatant neglegence or outright fraud.:smiley: I don’t care for articles that assert that assert you will have an honest and qualified home inspector if he/she is a member of …:wink:

This might help you get started.

You will also find many such “articles” in letters to the editor, letters to Barry Stone, and other forums where the complaint in the letter starts with “the home inspector recommended by my agent…etc”

One guy wrote a letter to me and published itin an Independence, Missouri paper. I was arguing against having the NAR writing home inspection legislation. He (bless his heart) argued that we need to legislate home inspectors because the one his realtor recommended was terrible. I don’t think he every truly came to fully understand the irony of his argument.

Mike O’Handjobtried to use it to discredit me by publishing it for the passengers on his short, yellow bus. It seems that Mr. O’Handjob missed the irony, as well.