Artist or Incompetent, You make the call.

2 year old gas water heater.

So I look at the piping in the first picture and am standing back admiring the tube bending job. Ah beautiful, done by a craftsman, I am saying to myself. I am so enamored with the work I almost overlook the tank nipples and the next photo. Now I am confused, how can someone take such care with the tpr piping and then not use a dielectric fitting?

Are you kidding? That bend was done with an electricians’ conduit hickey :smiley:

Conduit Hickey?:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The technical jargon is not my strong suit, Jeff.

If they used a “hickey” they have had a lot of practice.:roll:

Is it a “doo-hickey” for bending pipe? :slight_smile:

Maybe if they used a rebar hickey, but it’s pretty easy with a conduit hickey.

I have bent a lot of conduit with a “hickey” and it’s not easy to keep the little dents out of regular electrical conduit, it seems it would be very hard to do with something as soft as copper.:cool:

I think it was heated and then bent around the WH to get the “perfect” fit.:cool:

Well maybe a sparky did the install, that would explain the lack of dielectric.

But they shoud have used the proper tools.:wink:

Or you fill the pipe with sand, plug the ends, and use the hot water tank itself to bend the tube around (as close to the top or bottom of the tank as possible so as not to dent the tank). Unplug the ends and dump out the sand. viola!


you could just cut a peice out of copper tubing (not pipe) as it is still coiled up. The coils are fairly close to that diameter anyways.


Actually Jeff, the tool you showed is a emt bender. A hickey is used for small rigid conduit.



I play the violin and the piano, and I sing. Jim also plays the piano. Hop on over this way and we could have a chamber music trio. :stuck_out_tongue:

very nice

Bingo! The other bender showed is a typical EMT (thinwall) Bender.

Definitely an artist…i think his name was Rube…

I was never a sparky. I just saw them do this on the job :smiley:

A “hickey” is used for bending things, not just conduit. Let’s not get hung up on technicalities.

Really Ben?:stuck_out_tongue:

Model 100

Highly accurate manual bender!
Great for proto types, and low volume production for people who need accurate work. Simple to operate ratcheting system makes bending up to 1-3/4" Tube almost effortless. Ratchet disconnects for quick bends on smaller OD tubing. Great for tube, pipe, solids, square and more. Die sets are additional. Made in America

I tought these photos would fit nicely in this thread.

Unhandy man super house remodeler strikes again.

Give a guy some PVC glue and watch him go. I really like the plastic shut off valves. Cheap!!

Every area of the home he tried to do. This is his best work. You should see the siding.
Oh what the heck. Here is a photo. I took about 6 of just the siding. I got to meet the artist. He was just returning with a six pack.

The picture of the water tank may be a tougher call for a newer inspector. A expierenced inspector would catch imediately.

I caught this the 2nd time around.


Priceless Dave.:smiley: :roll: