As is Condition?

Does anyone add any narratives/comments in their report for a home you know is being sold in “As Is Condition”?

It doesn’t affect how I write the report.
Defects are still there and still reported as usual.

Same here. In fact, when a Realtor starts to tell me what type of contract is involved, I stop them and tell them, “It isn’t my concern. I am here to inspect this home”.

That is something the Realtor needs to discuss with the buyer, not you.

As is should instantly raise a red flag as it typically means something big is wrong with the property.

Thanks, my thoughts exactly, I don’t treat it any different but maybe look a little closer for issues.

Not necessarily, I have done lots of properties being sold “as-is”, they may be banged up a bit cosmetically but are basically the same a regular property.

Maybe that’s a defiance, OH thing? That’s not at all what it means here.

Every house I inspect is as-is. Thats the only contract being used here locally and been that way for at least the last 4 years.

True. But any way you slice it or dice it, “as is” usually means you’re going to be spending some cash to get that house “up to par” and/or in acceptable conditions for habitability.

What does it mean there?

That’s always a good approach/way to look at it.

That “comment” has about as much relevance with regard to the inspection as the price of the home - zero.

Grasp this just recently buyer was making a purchase “as is” price had been reduced drastically for a quick sale and the buyer asked me to not place a known discrepancy on my report??? What say you as the buyer was my client


NO such thing.

Ever purchased a car AS IS. If my Client wants me to Inspect a AS IS house I decline. Send the Newbies on these ones.

I suggest everyone take Kevins advice. Don’t inspect “as is” homes. Send them to newbies like me :slight_smile:

If it’s a condition I can observe for myself, no problem. If it’s something that I cannot visually confirm, I won’t document anything, regardless of who the client is.

You’d have 99% of my inspections. Sorry, I need the work :smiley: