As much as I dislike Biden, I have to give him credit for the prisoner swap

Arms trafficking is probably the last thing the U.S. should ever charge anyone with. We have a long history of selling arms to tyrants, propping up brutal dictators with those arms, and outright invading other people’s sovereign nations with arms. So I’m OK with Victor Bout returning home.

And I’m very happy that Brittney Griner is free after being imprisoned over a little weed. I don’t partake, but I live in a country where booze, the killer drug, is sold everywhere. And I’m proud that my state of Colorado ignores federal law regarding weed. Anyway, welcome home Brittney.

I am good with it as well because I believe that Brittney has already been completely rehabilitated. She will never again possess any propensity to ignore or take lightly the laws of foreign countries.

As usual he leaves the veterans behind. Paul Whelan is more important than any basketball player. I am sure Biden didn’t negotiate that swap but he should have gotten both of our people fro that creep arms dealer.


At the very least, first in first out. Paul has been in since 2018 if I am not mistaken. Why not get two for one? (This is my theory. Brittney has political clout and he was not going to risk it.)


I can hardly wait for the talk show tours and all-telling book. :roll_eyes:
She will make a lot of money on this no doubt.

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Paul Whelan should be released, but that doesn’t mean Brittney Grimes shouldn’t be. She had two vaping pens and is a fellow American.

Whelan was likely a spy. A Marine who was head of security for a company that had him working in Russia??? I don’t know. And besides, the U.S. Marines held a lot of innocent POWs in captivity for a lot longer. They held one innocent man at Gitmo for 18 years without even charging him. 18 years! So we can’t complain too much. That said, spies are generally sent back home when caught. He should get to come home too.

So we trade for a an arms dealer. Makes perfect sense (eye roll). Seems an arms dealer swap for a spy would be more balanced.

However, equitable is Biden’s favorite political phrase which is deeply applicable to this situation. Therefore, I am not surprised a life long politician would make a swap that is politically beneficial.


You can be happy that Brittney is free but also be upset of the trade.

Does anyone remember the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer was burned by the coffee and sued? Instead of negotiating for millions with the lawyers for Java World, he immediately settled for free coffee. Biden has the same negotiating skills as Kramer.

Seinfeld–Kramer sues Java World (coffee company) - YouTube


Britney has privilege, you know what I’m talking about. Kneel during the national anthem and Biden will reward you. Defend your country as a marine and Biden will let your rot. We have a woke generation and a woke president. Biden sees no value in an international arms dealer!


Great analogy…I almost spit out my coffee :smile:


Russia and the U.S. should just agree to amnesty for all spies and swap them all out.

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Not that I care in any way because it has no effect on me or my business, but Trump’s administration had 2 years to work on Whelan’s release and nothing happened. The Biden administration should have carried that one first over Greiner, but we only see the grass seed, and not what’s under the top layer of soil.

But like I said, I really don’t give a rats ass one way or the other. “News” that has nothing to with me…

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I think ALL American communists, just like this one, should spend a few months in a Russian or Turkish prison. If they survive, they can return and tell other American communists and Marxists all the fun they had.


But in the end, it is a net positive. American home. I’ll take it.

Politically, both at home and abroad, we will be scarred. She will get a parade and elevated to hero status which is sorta sad for Americans since she seemingly hates her homeland.

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Them and anyone who pissed all over Ol’ Glory by standing guard while human beings were being tortured, in some cases, to death. Round them all up.

It always come back to Trump with the lefties. Trump would never trade a terrorist international arms dealer for anybody. He’s way too smart of a negotiator.


Yeah, this has always seemed strange to me. I’ve been around my share of both over the years and, without a doubt alcohol is far, far more debilitating, addictive and destructive. I’ve had friends die in car crashes and seen numerous people throw their lives away due to alcohol. Weed? Yeah, some of my friends could have accomplished a lot more on this earth without it but I’d hardly say it’s dangerous. Definitely, not on the same level as alcohol.

In the end I’d say this came out about right for Brittany (I’ll leave the debate out other prisoners being more deserving of being freed to another discussion). She very likely knowingly broke the law, got the piss scared out of her and spent 9 months in prison.


I agree. And why the “lefties” are pointing this out. Funny how the partisan sides see things. Think Forward!!

Nah, just the communists and Marxists.

I am thinking forward. I think the clown in the White House just let a terrorist out on the loose. This terrorist has one goal, kill innocent Americans. You say this doesn’t affect you. So who’s not looking forward now?