As much as I dislike Biden, I have to give him credit for the prisoner swap

You mean half the country? :smile:

Brittney Griner has taken a knee and has refused to come out of locker room during out National Anthem…
…lets see if she does it anymore…


It might come to that, someday. We’ve done it before. Interestingly, the first war between American states took place as a result of a presidential election. Seceding states who claimed “that guy is not MY president” were forced back in as a result of war.

That pathetic ass clown is probably convinced that those actions are what appealed to the communists and Marxists in our government that arranged for the release.

Didn’t take much to do that!

Both the Republican and Democrat Parties are at theirs lowest level of any integrity and are fighting to see who brings this Nation down first. At least the Forward Party is, at least, trying to open the eyes of us who despise what’s going on between the two “base” parties. That’s why I think Forward!

Here’s what’s kinda funny. Are we sure Viktor was excited to be heading back to Russia? He will probably be accused of being brainwashed and now being an undercover agent for America. Look for him to be dead soon.

One thing is for certain from the Forward Party, they have this right. Our binary choices are not our choice at all.

“I don’t care who does the electing, as long as I get to do the nominating.” Sadly, this quote still applies to how our primary process is run today.

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Putin definitely outplayed Biden on this one, but at least we got her back. Now we have to get Whelan home.


I think it’s pretty obvious that what complicates the issue for Whelan in Russia’s eyes is the crime he was charged with, his multiple citizenships, his status as a Marine, and his Canadian birth.

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I think no matter what, there’d be people complaining if he got Whalen first, and Greiner was still in prison. “He got a Canadian freed before an American.”

If Whelan was the one released we’d be hearing how Biden got an ex-Marine who was kicked out of the Marines with a bad conduct discharge and how he left that all American sports figure in a Russian prison to rot.

I’m glad she was able to come home and I hope all Americans being kept against their will worldwide can get back back home sooner rather than later.

Joe: Why shouldn’t prisoners be released back to the Taliban? We had no right to take them off their land to begin with. The Taliban didn’t travel to the other side of the world, attack a sovereign nation, disrespect their borders, invade them, kill tens of thousands of civilians, and then refuse to leave for 20 years. Don’t forget who the bad guys are.

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