As per PHPIC new Gov't Licencing Home Inspectors on Hold

In the PHPIC newsletter today:

Update on Licencing Home Inspectors in Ontario
An email to Panel Members:

As you are no doubt aware, the Premier announced last Friday that Ontario’s 2014 general election will take place on Thursday, June 12th. As we enter the writ period, I am writing to advise you of how we intend to proceed with the home inspector work you have been so involved in.

What is known as the “caretaker period” commenced with the dissolution of the Legislative Assembly on Friday, May 2nd. This period will continue to the swearing-in of a returning or new government. It is a well-established tradition that the government addresses only very routine or urgent issues during this time. The caretaker period requires that there be no new policy or program initiatives, and restricts ongoing work, consultations, announcements and events.

Consequently, the Ministry of Consumer Services will suspend any further consultation/discussion on the home inspectors project until the new government is sworn in and we have had an opportunity to brief and receive direction on next steps.

Your submissions and advice will continue to be valuable input into the ministry’s advice to the next government, as will the public submissions on the home inspector panel report that was recently posted on the Regulatory Registry. Any decision on next steps will be made by the next government.

Thank you again for all your efforts and interest in this initiative.

      • David
        David Brezer, MBA, P.Eng
        Director, Consumer Policy and Liaison Branch
        T: 416-326-8868 M: 416-220-4934

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I noticed it was directed to PHIPIC and the poster was a non NACHI contributor! Can’t help but question where our representatives are?

We are all in the same league even if we wear different team colours. The more we work together better we can make our work environment.


It is nice to see no negative comments being added.