asbestos cement siding fake freakout

I have encountered a few homes that have what appears to be asbestos cement siding. my question is are there sidings which appear similar in general…for instance cement siding with something other then asbestos content. i hate to tell a buyer they have asbestos in the siding unless necessary since that word tends to freak out people, even after trying to explain that the only danger really is in the friable state…all they hear is ‘asbestos’ so in restating the question…is there siding which looks the same as that containing asbestos and then how would you distinguish between the two?

mike in mn

We already discussed this!

Thanks for the links Kevin…I will check this out. Sorry, I’m kind of new in the site and can’t find my way around the best yet. I did do some looking in the ‘search’ place…and browsed around the forum some before posting. If you know an easy way to find whatever I want I’m all ears. Thanks again
mike in MN

I am always checking the MB from morning till night! I have 1000’s of files on 3 computers.