Asbestos Duct Wrap

I recently opened a wall in my home (house built in 1923) with the intention of creating a kitchener bar. There was a duct inside the wall i did not realize was there - I also was not prepared for the fact it appears to be wrapped in asbestos paper (looks like felt, glued to duct). I have accidently disturbed it while removing the plaster and lathe. It appears as though it’s mostly in good shape, but after reading extensively about asbestos, i am worried.

Since it’s possible I have disturbed it, what do I do to clean up? is there a way to avoid continued hazard/exposure? …or am i doomed inevitably to a life of cancer as most of the reading would suggest?

The furnace was installed roughly 15 years ago, it appears much of the duct work was replaced at that time with the exception of this duct that was behind the wall. The top and bottom of the asbestos wrapped section duct (approx 10’) are somewhat accessible. Is the best option to have the duct properly sealed and removed in one section?

Given the age of my house, I feel it’s safe to assume it’s asbestos. Almost all of the posts on the internet with questions about removal simply state - call a pro - which for obvious reasons makes sense. I do not want to gamble with my health. However, I am still curious to understand the procedures that are followed by abatement companies to safely remove and handle this product. I plan future renos to my house and although I am not planning to handle the asbestos myself - I want to understand the proper precautions and procedures and be more knowledgeable in future work.