Asbestos Spores

Anybody ever heard of asbestos spores! LOL
Apparently according to good old HOLMES INSPECTION we can now call floating particles of asbestos SPORES.:shock:

Asbestos is not organic.

If an object is moved or agitated and it contains asbestos, microscopic spores or fibers are flung into the air. They are so light, they float. This causes humans to breathe them in not knowing what they are sucking into their bodies. Since these spores are not supposed to be in our bodies, our lungs do not know what to do with them. Our lungs do not know they are even there. The spores end up being trapped in our lungs for years on end. As time marches forward, these spores gather around and end up scarring and inflaming the lungs. This may not interfere with your breathing ability but can lead to severe health complications.

Since asbestos was discovered to be a dangerous material which could induce health problems it has stopped being used in buildings in the UK, and was banned in the European Union from January 1st 2005. Inhalation of asbestos spores can lead to serious health complications such as asbestosis, mesothelioma and malignant lung cancer, and it is still unknown how much of the UK population will develop health problems as symptoms often do appear for many years.
There is debate surrounding whether it is safer to leave asbestos intact within buildings when it has been undisturbed, as it is only when spores are released that it presents a real danger. Attempting to remove asbestos and breaking it up could in fact lead to the dangerous spores being released and causing more damage than had it been left alone.

Correct and yet on HGTV Holmes Inspection under the new episode “Steamed”
Mike says Asbestos Spores.

Sweet! We can now offer expensive & arbitrary testing/remediation of asbestos spores! The home inspection industry is set for life! :smiley:

All call Pro-lab and get them to make the specialized collection traps for ASBESTOS SPORES. LOL

Do your homework Kevin.

Why I already have all this with PRO-LAB.

The question is… who defines what an “average amount” is?

What’s with the “link war”? You two are posting all the same info.

Safe air Ontario has made several critical mistakes on the website. I would never recommend them.

spores plural of spore (Noun)
A minute, typically one-celled, reproductive unit capable of giving rise to a new individual without sexual fusion.
(in a plant exhibiting alternation of generations) A haploid reproductive cell that gives rise to a gametophyte.

Thank-you mhazelwood for the spore clarification from a knowledgeable source- a dictionary. Just got online and saw this little pizzing match about the use of “asbestos spores” by the** KING of UNREALITY TV- 'lil mikey holmes.**

I saw about 1/2 the program…the guy needs to be stopped!!! So many poor/incorrect/overdramatized/self-serving statements and claims. Every self-respecting, serious HI should take every chance to knock his reptutation down a notch whenever an opportunity arises.

Asbestos particles are mineral fibers. Fungi produce biological spores.
I think confusion comes from air sampling detectors having the ability to capture “asbestos fibers and spores” This gets condensed down to “asbestos spores.” Just my two cents!

For one thing asbestos is a rod of mineral type glass. It does not in any way shape or form look like mold spores or any spores period. To say Asbestos spores is just plain wrong and should never be used to equate what is in the air for Asbestos.

Last one on “Holmes Makes It Right” 0ver 70,000 on a Kitchen reno.:shock:
Apparently this does not include paying his team.

Has anyone heard of asbestos being a problem in popcorn ceiling sprays? Have a question from someone on that that is wanting to spray and scrap it off a ceiling. I personally had not come across that worry.