Asbestos Testing In Missouri?

What does it take in Missouri to get certified for Asbestos Testing in Missouri? I heard its hard to get.

I didn’t know there was certification for that in MO. You might want the check the Department of Health and Senior Services web site…

Just like meth or mold, the state does not regulate. Just finding the training can be difficult. If anybody find s a good class, just let me know. I have been getting a few calls on this.

James do you fo meth testing? I wish NACHI had training on asbestos testing!

Here you go:

  1. Put sample in ziplock baggy.
  2. Mail baggy to lab with form and fee.
  3. Open envelope with report when it arrives and read it.

That’ll be $50;-)

I said NACHI not ASHI :smiley:

Excuse Bushart, he use to belong to A$HI. LOL

No, I do not perform meth or asbestos testing. The meth, I refer to Mark.

Jim at Springfield Indoor Air Quality use to perform asbestos testing. You could just contact him to get this info.

LOL…good one.

Worker accused of cooking meth at Sonic :shock:



But we need home inspection regulations.

I used to be an EPA and State of Colorado Certified Asbestos Building Inspector. I also used to do asbestos inspections in a past life when I worked as an Environmental Geologist. The first step to be able to perform asbestos inspections is to become an EPA certified asbestos building inspector, which involves completing a 3 day class and passing the exam. All states require you to be an EPA certified asbestos building inspector. Each year you will need to take a 4 hr refresher course to maintain the EPA certification. Each state then has it’s own requirements to perform asbestos building inspections. In Colorado, you need to have a State License which requires you to pass an exam annually as well as be a registered consulting company (for yet another fee paid annually). Of course, there is also finding a quality lab and insurance fees.

I hope this helps. I wish you luck.