Asbestos (The Building Defect)

Read this information on ACM’s (asbestos containing materials).

Also watch this interesting Vidieo on possible dangers of material containing
Very informative for some.

Hope some enjoy.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Thanks Marcel, great info! :slight_smile:

I find it interesting (but not surprising ) that even though the government knew of many of the dangers of asbestos exposure, they had no problem with with me packing it free form from 100# bags around steam lines on their brand new destroyer escort I served on in the early 70’s…no protective clothing required…just like playing in the snow without the cold as i recall…:roll: …jim

I agree Jim, during the same years, I was breathing my share of joint compound dust, transite board dust, transite pipe and anything else they made back then.

Dust masks, (optional) I don’t even know if we had them ha. ha.


Marcel :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcel. The makers of the video, WORKSAFE BC used to be the Worker’s Compensation Board of BC, Canada. I will say no more about the politics of the new government corp. :roll:

We often see asbestos-taped heating duct junctions, and refer the client to local heating specialists for removal or encapsulation.
Does anyone know of a simple tape-over solution?
I’m asking because a realtor asked this question just last week. I advised against using plastic-based duct tape, and again advised the client get a pro to seal the joints.