Asbestos vent stack?

If this is asbestos it is well encapsulated and not necessarily a problem except that the gas water heater has to be raised 18" above the garage deck and the stack might have to be moved.

Anyone familiar with this type stack?

Transite vent pipe. They’re old and brittle.

Recommend replacement with a modern B-vent.

A recent lawsuit in CA was filed against an inspector who did not recommend that this be replaced.

It was found to be the cause of a house fire due to small cracks in the cement vent that were not readily visible.

Thanks Jeff.

Jeff is quite correct, here is another image of this stuff sans paint.

It was also used in plumbing applications.




Also used in some slab on grade homes for HVAC ducts. Slab poured over ducts and difficult to detect.:shock:

I used to be one of those…until I tore my dress.:wink:

And now you’re just old and brittle?

Inspector humor! Gotta love it. :smiley: