Does anyone have the year in which asbestos containing tape/material was no longer being used on ducts?

Hope this helps.

Some of us will try and answer your questions…As-best-os we can… Sorry just had to get that off my chest!!:D:D

I think some products still had Asbestos up to 1978!!:shock: Not sure , not fact!

Excellent Link! :shock:

Great link, thank you for the help.

i can’t remember the magazine, and i think it was mention in the old BB, but i have it on good authority that some brake pad manufacturers were still useing asbestos in some “stock” G.M. pads as late as 1994…

There was a thread last year either here or over at concerning this topic. It was very interesting and provided interesting reading concerning the current use of asbestos, just not in our homes. Hmmmmmmm.

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