Please be sure to not miss any yes Any ASBESTOS .
This looks like it is going to cause a lot of problems .
Looks like State Farm is no longer insuring any homes with Asbestos siding .
I am led to think other Companies will be doing the same .

why?’s a knowned fact that undisturbed Asbestos is not an health hazard and we are talking about siding here. not insulation…

Show’s how smart the insurance companies are!!!

Ain’t that the truth!?

A few years ago my house insurance renewal came with a disclaimer for mould. This year they discontinued coverage of any pollution related loss. It seems that when there are a few claims for a certain item they then refuse to insure for loss of that item. I used to think that insurance was to cover you for the risk of loss but it seems that the insurance companies do not want to assume the risk.
If there is no risk there is no value in buying insurance.

Insurance companies didn’t get rich by writing cheques.

So Roy are You saying you heard that they are going to drop current customers with this type of siding ?..It was very popular here in the day…that would seem like a lot of lost customers over a fairly benign issue imho…Jim

What I heard is State farm in one Ontario area is no longer insuring homes that have asbestos siding.
The reason I was given is if there is a fire in the home .
All the remains of the home are contaminated with asbestos and must be handled as hazardous material.

This could be hog wash or the tip if the ice berg .
Just make sure to CYA so you are not the fall guy.

thanks Roy…