Ash spill In TN

Here is some picture of the ash spill here got them on the way to do a inspection. I couldn’t get good pictures of the homes that where damaged but it was like being on the moon. People all over taken air samples water samples still. But don’t worry there is no real harm ( right) Just alarmist in action. TVA is buying up homes around it, I have no idea why anyone would buy a home near this.


I don’t have that problem. The power plant near me is located in an asteroid crater! :slight_smile:

Also, the Cumberland River passes between us 60 feet deep.

Big mess David for sure

Wayne, you should stop smoking those Salems.

Good eye Kevin . Now i know your good inspector lololol It is ethier salem or suck in Dust from the ash spill.

BECAUSE THE HOUSE IS CHEAP??? And if there is a problem, Obama will buy you out??? Seems like a win win to me!

And then the dolt buyer can call the 800 number, sue you, get a big return on a house he couldn’t afford, or should have not bought, and move into your neighborhood! The NEW American way!
GEE, I forgot to get an independent inspection, trusted my realtor!!

Where is "buyer beware, what ya see is what ya get. personial responsibility? A concept that eludes many!

And your “home grown” variety???

:mrgreen: Nope, it’s been a long time.

Now all one needs is a medical prescription!

I hear Arnold wants to eliminate the prescription part.

Californias largest cash crop!!

Proposal is to legalize it, and then tax the heck out of it, something about balancing that budget!! I’m all for it, being that about 90% of the cost of my cigaretts are taxes, May as well stick it to them also!! The proposed cost per ounce including taxes,is high, but, get enough people hooked on it, budget crisis over!!! That’s change I can believe in!

I agree, should have happened many years ago.

Seems to be gaining support. People are going to use it, to much time, effort, money spent trying to stop it. Didn’t work out well with proabition.

Legalize it, TAX it. Just another “sin tax”. As long as it is regulated and TAXED, I have no problem.

Now, back to my highly taxed cigarette and scotch!