ASHI and NAHI to merge due to dwindling membership numbers.

Oh boy. :smiley:

I smell blood. LOL!

ASHI has been publishing its membership numbers, monthly, and has shown a steady growth since last summer. In fact, their December numbers as published in the ASHI Reporter surpassed the 6,000 members you reported last week.

If they are absorbing NAHI members to add to that figure, I can see why you are preparing a negative spin.

Without being the “biggest”…what other hyperbole can you use?

Give it a rest. You have become as annoying or worse than any of the old previous whiners. I would have sworn you were a bigger and better man than this. It is embarrassing to watch.

looks like you’ll have to start posting names of your invisible members to make sure your the biggest HI org:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Doug…when is the last time you read the quote you bear in your signature?


Jim, you spoke too soon. Read ASHI’s message board today and what their board members are saying about their membership to explain the BOD meeting they had in Orlando last week where they voted unanimously to attempt to merge with NAHI. In that thread ASHI’s Scott Patterson reveals their real numbers.

Don’t shoot the messenger. A merger between two smaller associations is inspection related news.

If you weren’t spending so much time on our message board, you would have noticed the thread on your message board.

ASHI censors its board like you and Hannigan. I avoid it as most ASHI members do.

I am going by the numbers published in the ASHI Reporter which have gone up while yours have gone down. They reported 5,997 on December 1st…you reported 6,000 two days ago.

I’m just the messenger on this one, too.

So will you apologize for calling my thread “spin” when in fact your own BOD revealed it publicly on your own message board last night?

It’s not my fault that you were over here.

I did not call your thread “spin” nor did I dispute your claim that there would be a merger.

I simply asked, once you are no longer the “biggest”, what will be your claim to fame. You haven’t answered. I’ll read it when I return to my office. Make it a good one, now.

I thought this would be appropriate response to all the childish behavior and whining over bs things. Get some damn perspective.

Great link.

It is all so true.

And this is what is posted on the ASHI site. I think that Nick is hinting at the 5,300 number I posted. That was back from October before all of the renewals came in. Keep in mind this was back in early December 2008 I think that the numbers have increased by a few, and it is all public information:
[FONT=Arial Narrow,Arial MT Condensed Light,sans-serif][FONT=Arial Narrow]Current ASHI Membership[/FONT][/FONT]

ASHI Certified Inspectors: 3,713
ASHI Associates with Logo Use: 162
ASHI Associates: 1,876
ASHI Retired Members: 161
Affiliates: 95**
I hope this clears everything up. And does it really matter who has more members and who can kick the most sand? This school yard bully stuff is really comical and just needs to stop. So what if ASHI and NAHI are joining forces to cut cost and to create a better environment for their members. INACHI could do the same, but I just don’t see it happening with the past history between the organizations. Just too many burnt bridges to mend and that is a shame.

Did you just “extend an olive branch” and suggest that NACHI join this merger?

We’ll pass. InterNACHI already controls almost everything in the inspection industry.


[FONT=Arial]You seem to be doing your best to “Bring down NACHI”.[/FONT]

  • [FONT=Arial]When you bring down NACHI you bring us ALL down! [/FONT]
  • [FONT=Arial]You have started your own independent website / blog for the sole purpose of discrediting an association that I am a PROUD member of.[/FONT]
  • [FONT=Arial]Your recent threads and now your blogs are an open invitation to TRASH us out![/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]YOUR THREADS have caused me to lose work! YOUR THREADS have caused NACHI inspectors in New Hampshire to lose work![/FONT]

[FONT=Arial]YOU have done more harm to me and our members than Ray and Roy combined! [/FONT]

Frank, could you please use your Crayola crayons, your posts lack substance!

It wasn’t the newspaper that reported the attack on the World Trade Center that killed people, Frank.

It was the terrorists flying the aircraft.

If you want to “save” your association…look toward the cockpit, not the news stand.

As a member of the Ethics Committee…are you stating that it is the public release of a vendor’s ad that is harmful to NACHI, or the fact that it was published and encouraged by your Executive Director? What is your role in this? Do you support a relationship with a vendor that encourages releasing information about an inspection without the client’s consent…a financial interest without disclosure to the client…? Have you objected to it as loudly as you have objected to the disclosure of it?


Why do you criticize JB when you yourself prove that as an ESOP member you can do as you please and have done as you please. YOU should not be lecturing anyone given your stellar performance!