ASHI Director Keven Kossler helped out at last night's Marketing for Inspectors meet.

Thanks Keven!

This is an awesome marketing statement:

“ASHI’s Keven Kossler finishes up the Marketing for Inspectors seminar by explaining how he hand delivers 14,000 brochures every 30 days.”

Yeah, I’d like to hear how he does that???

He has to have help I am sure.

Please welcome Keven to NACHI… he just joined.



When I owned Peach Inspections we did about the same. Lets say the average real estate office has 25 agents and you need to give them each 20 brochures a month, thats 500 per office per month, 14,000 brochures only supplies 28 offices for a month. If you have 28 real estate offices in your market area, you need only make one delivery of 500 per day to exhaust 14,000 a month.

When I hear an inspector brag (or worse… complain) about printing 10,000 brochures, I try to break it down in terms of how many each agent in their market area is getting per month. 10,000 is only a couple weeks worth of brochures.

While I’m thinking about it, remember… most home inspection brochures UN-sell, so read before you print off 50,000.

Wow!!! Welcome Keven and congratulations on joining NACHI!

I am sure we will be blessed to have your expertise to draw from and I am thrilled you are with us.

Take care!

Well Wendy, it is frustrating…

I was in the back of the room when Keven spoke. One of our own members, who earlier told me that his business was “slow” that week, got up from his chair, came to the back of the room, shook hands with me, and told me it was late and he was headed back home (he lives about 45 minutes away from the meeting).

Now I don’t want to pick on the fella, but here I have Keven Kossler, probably his most successful competitor, standing in front of everyone, voluntarily telling everyone excactly how to get more business. If I was a home inspector, I’d be sitting in the front row, hanging on to every word Keven said, asking questions and taking notes.

I shouldn’t complain… NACHI events typically enjoy packed rooms… but I still get frustrated at times.

BTW, Keven is a CMI:

That does sound rather frustrating and disappointing Nick. shaking head

I would have loved to have been at most all of these events that I can’t afford to get to. Talk about the learning potential!

I am pleased to announce that Keven Kossler is taking on a big project at NACHI… he will be overseeing the translating of NACHI’s important pages and documents into several foreign languages.

Thanks Keven!

Wow! That is an awesome thing to do. What a wonderful way to make all this information available to the world!