ASHI / FABI member paying agents for work.

Is it legal?

I though you would have to have a no purchase / no refer type of way to enter.

I think the guy should check with a lawyer.

Nick you should foward this to the DBPR, This BS needs to stop

You would think that to at least keep up with any excitment of the award they would be posting the winners.

There should be at least 8 named winners by now. or possibly they have had 0 referals all year. :stuck_out_tongue:

Typical ASHI member. Can’t get work based on his merits, so he cheats.


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The “typical ASHI member” is also a member of InterNACHI *(so that he can compete against InterNACHI members in their own on-line referral networks) *… he just doesn’t tell anybody.

That’s crazy

and the “typical NACHI member” is not a Member of ASHI…
That in itself says it it all…

Great idea! Too bad it’s not ethical in anyway, shape or form. But it’s a great idea.

It will be interesting to know what action, if any ASHI take against him

If that’s true it would also be interesting to see what NACHI does.

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While the Typical “Axxx Member” is also a Member of NACHI…
The Typical NACHI Member is not a Member of Axxx…
There is a difference…

Not sure what the penalties are but I believe he’s violating 3 or 4 different points in the COE. My recollection though is that some one first has to file a complaint with the COE review board. Then they have to decide weather to take it up, then do a review, then decide if action should be taken, then decide what action, then…

I do understand that all these steps are needed, I’m just pointing out that it’s not an instant process.

It starts with some one filing a complaint though. After seeing some of the posts about others that have filed such complaints sorry but that person won’t be me. Maybe it should be Nick, he was the one that pointed it out or Bushart he the one that said JD Johnson was a member.

How 'bout it Nick, James?

NACHI has never had a particular interest in the inferior marketing efforts of Axxx, Fxxx, Nxxx or any other alternative…
It is what it is…

Did I mis read Bushard’s post? Was he referring to the “typical” ASHI member and not the Guy running the promotion? If so I’d have to agree with you Joe.
In that case it would be up to a Florida inspector to make the complaint to our state lisencing authorities. However they usualy don’t act unless the complaint is from a consumer.

NACHI Members that I know,
as Members for 10 Years running…
are not Members of Axxx…
I am just refuting others suggestions for the need to join Multiple Orgs…
That is only true…
you do not belong to NACHI


Those on Licensing Committees are generally not well versed in Business…
Why they are on “Politician Handout / Appointee Committees”
your market may vary…

At Florida DBPR’s enforcement devision its staff members that do the investigations before it ever goes to the licensing board for review or action. In my opinion this is where the ball gets dropped in many cases. The staff is generally undermanned (their explanation) so they concentrate on consumer complaints first, where they see harm HAS been done.

They’re pretty good at what they do I just wish they’d do more. Perhaps if they went after more like the guy Nick was showing us we’d have less consumer complaints.