ASHI going under. New E.D. has a solution though... no blue jeans on Fridays!

I’m not making this up folks:

Sad, indeed.

Within a year you will have no ASHI. Is that really good for the industry?

How do we know this memo is the real McCoy?

It’s real.

Are you sure? No signature, no document profile, could be easily forged?


The purpose of Professional Organization is to serve its Membership…

ASHI took their eye of the ball. They are now in the bottom of the ninth.

They can focus and tie to bide an extra inning…


they will go down swinging…

I thought the solution to ED was Viagra.

I received the document from 2 independent sources yesterday. And I verified it’s authentity through a means that I can’t reveal.

And no, it is NOT good for our industry to have ASHI go under. I’ve said this many times before. They’re a pain in the a$s but our industry is still better off with them than without them IMHO, for reasons I’ve explained in length before. Here is what ASHI must do to survive:

Just to restate my personal position for those who don’t know it.

  • The industry is better off with ASHI than without them IMHO.
    *]The industry is way better off withOUT that little mini-association out of Minneapolis.

Maybe I should join ASHI so that they can “boost” their membership roles and I am sure that they can use the money.:wink:

I tend to agree with Nick on this one. Competition makes every person or organization better. InterNACHI is indeed setting the bar higher for all inspectors, whether they are part of our organization or not. ASHI somehow lost sight of its membership and how to help them in their businesses. It’s now coming back on them and they are being reactive as opposed to proactive. Nick saw this as an opportunity and has made a success out this organization.

Let’s keep InterNACHI great and hold our heads up higher than other organizations and inspectors to lead the way in improving the industry as a whole.

Keep up the great work Nick!

I still like the idea of everyone sending the home buyers to The best site I know for home inspections.

In total defiance today, I wore these during our shoot with Mike Nelson:

Nick, you are such a rebel.

It was a good start for ashi to get back on track though. Seems as if someone there is taking the reigns, and they could see alot of positives out of this if they do what the said.

Too little…to late.

The only question that remains unanswered is whether or not the last person to leave ASHI will remember to turn out the lights.

Too little…to late.
What if we ALL chip in and send them some money!~

Here is the problem with the memo

A new Mgr will not make it without the support of his staff and you do not start out with a memo and terminating people

A crew can kill the captain’s retirement plans fast and it has been done many times

If one has team members that are not correct and will not change they will leave on their own. (with just a little help - like you seem to not be happy here)

If I got a “memo” like this I would be reading the want adds before the end of the day

The ship is going down and one should not stay to watch from the deck with the captain

Good jobs are hard to get right now so the people that do not have the skills to run ashi will do anything to stay on board.

Problem – These are not the people that the org needs

If anything we should try to help but not for free or at any cost to INACHI or its membership

We are not the city dog pond to take care of all the problem of poor breading

(How about that for spelling)



Here is what they have to do: