ASHI Homeowner Insurance Survey ???

Does anyone have a copy of the ASHI Homeowners Insurance Survey so I can view?

Thanks mucho.


It is no longer available as a stand alone document, ASHI members fill out the report on-line and do not receive a copy, it is electronically submitted directly to the insurance company. I guess they did not want unauthorized inspectors using the form, anyone who has ever seen it can only wonder why. :slight_smile:


Have you seen it?

Yes, though I have never used it as it was written for national use and not Florida specific.

I suggest using the NACHI Form.

Joe, do you have a link for the easier-to-use NACHI form you created?

Sure, NACHI Four Point Insurance Form, fill it out & you will receive a PDF file in your email.

For inquires regarding the ASHI Form I suggest you go to its author.

**William E. Mason
**Second Opinion Home Inspection
Venice, FL 34293
(941) 358-9595
(866) 470-4447
Cell: (941) 356-1121