ASHI in Vegas

Any NACHI members going to be there?

I might be talked into seeing the Exhibitors Booths Gary, but after going to 2 ITA shindigs I do not see myself sitting through the same beginner education again. :smiley:

Brian Kelly writes about the ASHI convention:

I second that.

I’ll be in Vegas for Thanksgiving :mrgreen:, but not for education :wink:

You Turkey. :smiley:

Gobble, gobble :smiley:

I’ve learned a hard lesson or two there. :wink:

You staying at the usual place Jeff?

I was thinking about going myself…I been doing so good here in the AZ Casino’s I figure I may as well loose a little there, to break even so to speak–;)–:smiley:

Third it…Kindergarten Inspection Education at it’s finest, maybe they’ll have an entire 8 hr. course on “High Loops” this time----:smiley:

What’s learned in Vegas…stays in Vegas.:wink:

Yep. Free suite at the Rio for 4 nights. Let me know if you’re in town, I’ll show you how to break even :cool:

Dale Duffy writes:

ASHI serving chocolate milk.

Since we have your attention Nick, anything in the works for a Nachi convention this year (2010)?

I’m not opposed to one, but as the other groups have discovered, it is almost impossible in a post-InterNACHI education world, to offer anything InterNACHI already doesn’t.

I just noticed a recent post made by Kenton:

How am I supposed to compete with that?

Hi Nick, I thought the trip you made last year around the country was a great Idea, I can see getting some education and some addition vendors together for the Chicago area.

I enjoyed it also. If you could expand on it, and hold it in the Chicago area, I would definately attend. :smiley: