ASHI Inspector takes the 5th

I am involved in a lawsuit against an ASHI inspector who represented he was a licensed contractor when his license had expired 5 years prior. In my state, this is a midemeanor punishable up to $10k each offense. I suspect he had been engaged in this practice for 5 years. However, he is asserting his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination on any question dealing with his license. It is disgusting and disreputable to ASHI. How do I report him to ASHI and will it do anything? It would bother me so much if all he would receive is a slap on the wrist or a letter in his file. This is serious, and it makes the industry look awful.

Well to start with report him to ASHI , then the state involved.

Maybe he can get a job at the IRS.

*Licensing solves nothing. *

I hope you have a LAWYER take his advice he should be able to get the info you want.

Please do keep us posted on what the out come is Thanks … Roy

If you want to stay at a distance send the info to me to post .

National associations have little they can do to act on behalf of members of the public against their members.

Here is an angle you might want to have your attorney examine for you.

Some providers of services to home inspectors publicly advertise that they take extra steps to “screen” their inspectors in order to ensure that they only offer their products to highly qualified inspectors who must first “apply” to use them. They deny their products to inspectors who fail to meet their standards and allow only “approved” inspectors to distribute them.

Email me, and I will provide you with the names of some of these product vendors that I am aware of and your attorney can see if the inspector that you are suing used any of them in his advertising to you. If so, your attorney will know where to go from there.

Good luck with your case.

Are you an attorney on a fishing expedition?

What does being a contractor have to do with anything?

He said he was a licensed Contractor! Not is a licensed Contractor.

Jed …

Not to be rude, BUT if he belongs to ASHI that is a home inspection association NOT a contractors association. I’ve seen members of various home inspector associations brag they were licensed engineers, electricians, code certified, etc AND when someone complains to the HI association involved they discover that this has NOTHING to do with a home inspection.

I’ve likewise seen people complain to the state board for engineers about a licensed engineer doing a bad home inspection AND find out the engineer licensing board has NO juristiction (was a home inspection not engineering analysis, etc).

SO, bottom line complain to the contractors licensing board or AG’s office if he’s falsely advertising hes a licensed contractor NOT to a home inspection board that does NOT have juristiction over contractors. ??](

lmao…guess he is an attorney…who woulda thunk it?

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Yes, Detective Eric strikes again…

Back to the pool…

I felt this was strange when I made my post …#5 .

I don’t think he misrepresented himself.

*“I am involved in a lawsuit against an ASHI inspector …” *is consistent with being a lawyer.

Home inspecting and contracting to repair homes do not mix. Looks like this one is going to pay a price for it … but ASHI isn’t going to do anything about it.

Unless you have more than the information that was posted in the first post,this thread should fall into oblivion.

Must be a hell of an attorney to troll a rival message board in a poor attempt to get some information on another inspector.

What do you call a 100 attorneys at the bottom of the ocean…a good start.

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Jim … One has NOTHING to do with the other UNLESS he was inspecting and repairing the same houses AND this Jed never said that.

What became of Jed?

Hey Juan… are you paying attention??? :roll: