ASHI Leads Legislation Drive In Michigan

Todd, I’m lost… which exam or quiz are you talking about:

Todd, by your own admission (using your own stats that you offered on this message board) you passed the NHIE by a greater margin than you ever passed our (which has a passing cut-off score of 80). This despite our exam being open book!

You are now NACHI’s official poster boy our “NHIE is way too easy” committee.


I haven’t yet found the bill, but I did find two articles in the Port Huron Times Herald. I am going to try to contact the author of the articles to see if he has a copy, and if that doesn’t work, I am going to try to contact Rep Accavitti. The two articles are as follows:

I just got off the phone with Frank Acavitti’s office. The bill is still being drafted, and has not been presented to the House. The woman at his office had no time line for when the bill will be complete.
The author of the articles also did not have any real idea what was going to be in the bill. The reason he contacted Michigan Association of Home Inspectors is that Acavitti said he was working with Randy Aldering on it.

It’s part of the ASHI/ITA model. Right now, as they assist the author with the bill that will mandate ITA courses taught by ASHI instructors, they are using the media to assist them in convincing the public (and their legislators) that there is a need for it.

From the article that was published, the only need I see is for a stronger disclosure law.


Maybe more NACHI members should join MichAHI so that their views could be heard. I know there are MichAHI members from most of the organizations and their input has been heard.

Absolutely not.

This gives credibility to the ASHI controlled association. Your voice is meaningless in the ASHI/ITA agenda.

Your interests are best preserved by discrediting this make=believe coalition and keep it from being recognized. Let the media know that the ASHI and ITA interests being expressed by this small group is NOT indicative of the majority of home inspectors in your state.

You will be glad you did.

Jim, do you have anything in writing from ASHI or ITA that can be forwarded on to the Rep?

Better than that. I will send newspaper articles to the Rep that mirror the one that he thinks he wrote all on his own. When he sees how he has already been taken in, himself, the lights should come on. Send me his email address.

Reporters email addresses are not listed on their website. The web site is

If I’m not mistaken, the SOP of most associations have us check grading & drainage ADJACENT to the structure or foundation.

These pictures and the story look like the ponding is out in the back yard somewhere. If so thats not the inspector. In Michigan can anyone run for legislative office and if elected be a representative OR is there a license and mandatory training and a test, etc. Just curious.

That was I pointed out to the author when I talked to him yesterday. He seems to agree that the agents and the seller were as much to blame as anyone. He agreed with me that the disclosure statement was inaccurate by omission.

I also explained to the author that an inspection is, unless contracted otherwise, a visual inspection of the structure at the time of the inspection. I told him without seeing the property, at the time of the inspection, and seeing the report and conducting my own inspection, there is no way to really say the inspector is or isn’t at fault.

IMO The selling agent and seller lied by omission, but the buyer’s agent didn’t do his/her job. If I go to an agent to help find a house, I expect my agent to do some background checks on the property. But I would have also talked to neighbors and the municipality about things like that.

Perhaps licensing neighbors will be next…:wink:

In this state, that’s entirely possible. Don’t say it too loud though. Lansing has real good hearing.

I’ll post this on the legal site as well.
Does anyone in one of the states that used a petition to fight licensing have suggestions to write a petition to send to all the reps and senators in our state? If said petition is posted for signing, would the MI contingent be willing to sign, and I’ll send them to the Houses personally. Hell, I’ll deliver them by hand, if that’s what it takes.

I sent an email yesterday asking for a timeline on the bill being developed. When I get it, if I get it, I will post it. This is the response I got back from Representative Accavitti:

Dear Mr. Miller,

Thank you for your email. I appreciate your thoughts on this issue.

I am in the process of developing this legislation, and I will be sure
to send you a copy of the legislation once it is introduced. Please
forward my office your mailing address.

I look forward to any thoughts or concerns you may have on this


Frank Accavitti, Jr.
State Representative
House District 42


Members of the ASHI/ITA led “coalition” that is behind this legislation are monitoring this board. I will suggest, from personal experience, that you use this message board to confuse them, mislead them, but never to inform them - unless it is after the fact - of what you are involved in to thwart their efforts.

You are dealing with folks who know no depths to which they will not descend in order to make their marketing plan part of the laws of Michigan. Not all member of the make-beleive “coalition” are aware of this, yet. They still think they are “being heard”, etc…which is all a part of the ruse.

Mr Bushart,
I’m not sure why you think MichAHI is ASHI/ITA driven. It is a group of inspectors from all organizations. The officials were elected and I was surprised that one third of the members are ASHI and a NON-ASHI president was elected. Maybe Mr. Miller should get involved with the other NACHI members who are members of MichAHI and see what they think.
Rep Accavitti has been trying to get licensing for several years now and I don’t believe he is going to give up. So maybe all inspectors in Michigan should get together and make it good legislation. That is what MichAHI is trying to do.
By the way currently there are 11 NACHI members that are members of MichAHI.

Mr. Emelander,

Your logic escapes me.

A man has failed, for years, to provide me with something that I do not want. Thus, you suggest that I help him achieve what he has failed to do on his own?

No, sir.

You obviously favor legislation and belong to a small group of inspectors who also favor it, and your group represents itself as a “coalition” which, in turn, supposedly represents the majority of inspectors in your state.

I contend that this is not true and I feel it is important for the Michigan legislature to know that. No doubt, Mr Acavitti will enthusiastically welcome your support and will turn a blind eye to the fact that no actual “coalition” exists. As you said, by himself he has failed for years to get this bill through.

I submit that your make-believe “coalition” that supposedly represents all the inspectors of all associations in your state does not have one single person on it that opposes legislation. I further submit that your group simply represents a small group of home inspectors who have found someone willing to legislate their marketing plans.