ASHI low baller

Ashi Full members in Colorado Springs, Colorado are doing 3700 sf homes for $200.00. The Customer could not beleve that my fee was $200.00 more then Ashi inspector. Like i told him you get what you pay for. I will be inspection the home.

a.k.a. driveby pictures and checklist. :shock:

i have the same kind of yahoo’s that who will do a 2200 sf for $200. :roll: :roll: the realtor thought i lost my banannas when I quoted him $325.

Geez … I read on this site it’s the ashi guys, go to other sites it’s the nachi guys, now if I could only figure out whos telling the truth.:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

oh and $400 for 3700 is still average to below aver on price. sure you got at least 4 to 4.5 ba, 2 wh, and a spkl system.

I dont know where your located Dan but if you would like to ride along with me Saturday. and ask the customer for your self.

I don’t think anyone is lying the problem just ain’t association specific, there are those who undercut the market everywhere.

I really wasn’t questioning your honesty.
Truth is it doesn’t matter what HI org an inspector belongs to…
Heck I seen inspectors that belong to both orgs lowballing … even saw a post that an elete member of your org from MO does drive bys for under $100.
Joe B summed it up pretty well in his reply.

In my area, the lowballers are ASHI…but it is not so much that they are ASHI as it is that they are in bed with the used house salesmen who set their prices as a condition of referring them.

Step outside of that ghetto and you are able to command a higher fee, instantly.

Yea, And nick despite his claims that nachi is the biggest and best , after six plus years, still charges the same membership fee, and gives free membership to ashi members.

Well out here its been ruff for both associations. We have lost a lot of inspectors. I even ran in to Tony Newman yesterday. He is no longer an inspector. I dont even know the inspectors in my area any more.

Lost an inspection this week… out of town realtor called me for his soon to be moving clients on a 6500+ SF house… My quote was $1099 and I told him approximately 4-6 hours to perform… he about had a cow and told me his next highest quote was $535!!! I’m getting above that for 1/2 the size house and staying very busy!

I told him good luck!:twisted:

As has been posted here and elsewhere, lowballing is not association specific. Some lowball to get in the door of inspecting, some to get in the pocket of the agent, others lowball just to put food on the table.
Find the cost of doing business for yourself and adjust your pricing accordingly. By reading here and other places, it seems to me that the busiest inspectors are not those with the lowest pricing. Kinda says something right there dont it?

I see it differently;-)
The way I see it, the ones that claim to be the highest, or preach to others to raise their prices are the ones that post here all hrs of the day.:twisted: :twisted:

Hmmm… maybe misery loves company:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Well i know im not the highest but i do preach to raise your prices. I do post at all diff hours since in the last year i have had 3 heart attacks and 2 strokes plus a couple reactions to medications. So i dont do a lot of inspections at the present time. But when i do inspect i charge what the job is worth.

And you??? You’ve been busy on the other boards today!!! You might want to “lower” your prices to beat out the competition!! Or post on Craigs list, “will work for food”!

That state licensing not working for you to keep competition out and prices high???

LOL … 1st one was at 7 next one not till 2:30…
2 for tormorrow… 12 scheduled for June to date… All combined, 1500-3800’ 305 avg per, and that’s competing with some locals that will do a 3000’ home for 199.00.
hmmm wonder where they came up with 199.00 instead of 200.00:p

WalMart pricing, but they screwed up, should have been $199.99!!

When you are going for volume, not price, every penny counts!!!

As Ray Crock, McDonalds, stated "we are a nickle dime business, every penny counts toward profit.

F W Woolworth once exclaimed, “I made a million dollars–one penny at a time.”

I thought that might work for me, so I’m charging 1 cent per inspection…and so far so good.

Only 99,999,998 more inspections to go…

I’d rather do 7 inspection for $300 than 10 inspection for $200.

I’ll take my family to dinner with the extra $100, and spend my extra time here fellowshiping with you all. :smiley:

Gee, the competition is getting tougher!!!

I will meet your price and to beat it: