ASHI low baller

I knew I was too low. I charge $150 to to 4,000 sf.

I know one ASHI low-baller in Wichita, KS who initials are ?? and now has a infamous dog named ???..

Heard this tibit from several inspectors in Wichita as well as KC…

He does a “drive by” lets the dog out, if the dog comes back tail wagging, the house is good, tail between his legs there are problems.

Back at the office, dog barks out his findings, owner types report, dog signs with paw print.


Dog is a “credit card” member of ASHI

Hey Henry…I always wondered what happened to Tony. Too bad. :frowning:

I wondered about Tony and Todd allen

lowballers are just that, lowballers it wouldn’t make a hill of beans if they were a HI, gutter cleaner, roofer, what ever, they would still be lowballing the $hit out of what ever industry.
it is a mentality, that your capable and competent, again I raised my prices intown and still have phone calls so i do not see the need to lowball just keep current with the average and everyone wins, and lowballers can have a new higher price and we will raise our prices even higher to level the field again so we can have low ballers lol :slight_smile: :wink: