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Since there are more ASHI members posting on NACHI than at the ASHI Site I figure it is only right you guys should have your own post.

After all you never know when your site will go down for good over there ,like it did last week.

Dues collection for this space, will be first Thursday of every month.

The Misc Discussion forum is a safe haven for members. Non-members can read threads here, but can’t post here.


Oh snap!

The empty space should make them feel right at home.

Condo—if you invested as much time as you do worrying about association nonsense, you would be a millionaire-------no?

I’m going to take all my Association logos off my websites tomorrow and see if by business decreases, how does that sound?

Dale, if any of those association logos are ASHI, removing them will increase your business. We’ve sent every REALTOR in the U.S. an email with a link to the diploma mill’s 35 second, online application, showing that they are a diploma mill and offering to pay them to join for fun.

We send out 1,000 times more ASHI appliations than ASHI does.

And before anyone goes off with the “association-bashing” complaint… we have a duty to the public to expose diploma mills in our industry, so don’t go there. We offer no opinion in the email blasts, ASHI’s total lack of entrance requirements says it all.

Smart agents and consumers avoid inspectors who display known diploma mill logos.

So when you turning in your membership?

Are you assuming I’m not?

At least I can afford a ladder that reaches a lower roof.:slight_smile:

I have a free NACHI membership (member of the year), I didn’t say I was turning in anything, I said I will take off all the logos and see if my business dwindles…OK?

You can afford a ladder which reaches a lower roof…huh?..I won’t even ask what that is supposed to mean.

Just curious as to why you chose NACHI over one of the other .

By the way I push my business just fine.
Ever click on my signatures?

No, but click on mine a few times would you please–:smiley:

Where in Gods name could you POSSIBLY laugh so hard after a hard day, easy answer, go to this message board, the same people are here, day in, day out, arguing about some of the most bizarre things I ever heard of, actually, it brightens my day.

and you ask why I dwell here…you crazy fella:nachi:

Oh me to, I have to admit it, I just have to change my name, so I’m not associated in any way–:wink:

Do you really think it will harm your business.?

Will see when I have all the logos removed tomorrow, Homegauge is my webmaster, I cannot edit my sites, I have had them so long, when they made them, the editable ones were not available.

Actually I meant do you think JB’s thread will harm you.

Could the Captain Nachi torch have been passed surreptisiously passed sometime during Jim’s departure? :wink:

If so, that is surely wonderful news. :mrgreen:

syrup what?