ASHI Need Our Help

Who will join me in pledging $1.00 to the “Help Save ASHI](” fund?

My chapter is organizing a Garage Sale. If you wish to donate any used tennis rackets, woks, or other resale items - give me a call. All proceeds to go to help ASHI stay solvent.

I wonder what would ASHI do if NACHI was pleading for money.
Again this year, ASHI has bound coverage of Directors and Officers Liability (D&O) insurance for its Chapters. ASH! has provided this valuable coverage for its Chapters for the past several years. The D&O coverage protects each Chapter’s Board of Directors in the event legal action is brought against the Chapter for a decision or action of its Board. The coverage is for one year, from February 8, 2007 to February 8, 2008. The policy has a limit of $1 million with a deductible of $2,500. This year’s premium for the insurance policy this year is nearly $7,300. This averages roughly $90 per ASHI Chapter. We are asking the chapters to reimburse ASHI for this coverage.

*Fat: *847-759-1620

Because of the depressed real estate market, our membership recruitment and retention E-maK. hq« numbers are down. The most significant drop is in Candidate members (now ASHI Associates). ASHI is facing a significant budget shortfall this year, which is causing the Board of Directors to make some serious and unpopular decisions to reduce costs. The proposed cost reductions go across all areas of ASHI operations. No area has been spared in our review of income and expenses. Therefore, we are asking for your help in making up this budget shortfall. Please reimburse ASHI $90 for the Chapter’s D&O insurance by sending a check payable to ASHI as soon as you are able.
You will soon be contacted by ASHI’s Director of Chapter Relations Bob Kociolek in an effort to hear how your chapter is doing. We understand many chapters are facing declines in their own membership numbers as well. Bob will be available to discuss any concerns you may have and to offer any assistance that ASH! can provide you. Bob will also be addressing some of the other areas where we have had to cut expenses including our outside monitoring and reporting of state legislative activities. Like 1 said above, there were some very difficult decisions that had to be made in light of the income shortfall.
On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, we ask for your understanding and support during this initiative to keep ASHI financially profitable. We are working to overcome this decline and turn ASHI toward a more prosperous position.

Richard B. Benhett, CAE, IOM Director of Finance an Administration



Roy Cooke A happy NACHI member

Maybe NACHI-Tv can host a telathon…

In all seriousness, we are seeing the beginning of the end.

How desperate do you think the ASHI Board really is for money to actually publish this, knowing that it would eventually become public? Add to this the admission that their membership rolls have declined in the face of Scott Patterson’s (ASHI Recruiter) publications to the contrary on this and on ASHI’s message board. Then, finally, ask how the mentioned cuts in services and benefits to the members are going to affect these numbers…do they really think that their membership and coffers will overflow once they enact their cuts?

Of course, we can expect the ASHI spinners to come and tell us how things are not as bad as they seem…yada…yada…but, folks…Nick’s prediction is coming to pass. The only difference is that NAHI was supposed to fall, first.

Please provide links that document the ASHI info.
I might need them. I am having trouble with the
pdf file James posted.

I didn’t know that they offered benefits?:shock: Oh wait, there is that monthly ASHI Reporter magazine. I stand corrected.:oops:

Thanks, Joe.

With Mr. Farsetta’s generous contribution, we are now up to a grand total of $1.25…

I have some used gym sneakers and a broken-in toilet plunger to donate. Top that Mr. Farsetta!

Are they asking individuals for the money or the chapters? Big difference. If it’s the chapters that are going to pay the $99, they are not going to pass a cup around at their next meeting. Many chapters have deep pockets.

I agree this is bad for ASHI either way. They’re too heavy on payroll.

Such a sad day, and to think we were kicking their butts all on our own.:frowning:

The biggest reason I choose NACHI over ASHI is
because of the member benefits. Then after I
visited some of the other forums, I was really
glad I choose NACHI.

The other forums are so depressing and dull.
It is hard for me to believe that people even
bother to post at those forums, they are so
moderated and dull.

NACHI is fun. I mean the things that keep
coming out of NACHI make it very interesting
to watch. There are so many people who
enjoy and contribute to NACHI, it really is
fun to be part of.

The way ASHI members attack Nick and NACHI,
I can really feel sorry for all the crow they are
eating about now. It must be like an EGO

So in order to keep a good spirit about this
whole matter, I feel that all of us should try
and not smile too big when JAMES delivers
the $1.25 donation…

Try to look serious and concerned… OK?

I have a vested interest in making sure ASHI stays solvent as we insure many ASHI members. Put me down for $20 :wink:

$21.50…and counting. Thanks, Ben.

How about it, guys? ASHI needs our help. They have always been there for us.

If the folks that run the NHIE paid their bill, ASHI would be just fine…


What am I saying. ASHI controls and owns the NHIE, in that they hold the note.

Now if they fold (ASHI) the NHIE would surely follow. You see ASHI has been dismissing or writing off the interest part of the loan for quite a few years now. Without ASHI and the (free use of) ASHI administrative staff services the NHIE would have been shut down years ago. Now, if this does indeed happen, what do all the states that are dependent on the NHIE going to do?

I’m all for it. ASHI call in the loan and survivie. Take the reigns of the NHIE back and under your control. Better yet perhaps you should merge with NAHI and become one. Oh wait, your chapters are already doing that and calling themselves coalitions.

It is sad that ASHI has many respectable members who are there simply because it is, by default, the most suitable place for them. NACHI isn’t for everyone and it is sad that these home inspectors are compelled to associate with a power-hungry dinosaur that sells out all the interests of its membership to the vendors who pay the right price. I would like to see these members replace ASHI and NAHI with a new organization that serves the home inspection industry in a different yet equally positive manner as NACHI does. I would be proud to associate with both.

I am sure you will do just fine without ASHI, since most of the members would remain home inspectors with or without it…or would they???


They are replacing it with such an organization and it is called NACHI!! :wink: :wink:


I apologize for not seeing this very dire post earlier! I immediately rushed to my couch and dug around and found 2 cents. If you have an address I can send it to I would be glad to. I feel it is my responsibility to add my 2 cents worth. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

$21.52…and not even eight hours into our telathon. What a tremendous outpouring of love. (sniff) You guys are great.

I have 7 cents in the coin drawer of my van. Should I write a check, or just send the money in an envelope? Please advise.